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Service is the key to any business. We offer a variety of services for blades.

Cleaning & Maintenance


We can clean up rusty blades and make them look as good as new. We also carry knife oil, parts for Swiss Army Knives, and Benchmade pocket clips and screws which we will happily install. 

Exceptions: Certain types of damage and aging (like deeply pitted rust) cannot be fully repaired

Blade Repair


Have a broken tip on your knife?
Are there chips in your blade edge?
Is your chef knife starting to look like a fillet?

We can fix all of this!



We offer engraving services for knives, with up to two lines of text. 

Free Sharpening!


Have you bought a kitchen knife from us? We sharpen it for free once a year for life!

Sharpening Schedule

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Monday - Wednesday
Thursday - Sunday

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